Newtral Mouse by Backshop

The Newtral “Gripless” ergonomic mouse has been developed based on EMG (electromyogram) research amongst professional computer users, who (some more than others) suffer from physical complaints in the neck-shoulder area, arm, wrist or hand (like RSI/CANS).

This research shows that the unique “saddle” shape of the Newtral mouse and the 33 degree slope, brings the hand in a more natural position while the fingers make use of gravity while clicking.

This causes arguably less muscle tension in the neck, shoulder and fore-arm and therefore less changes to develop RSI or CANS injuries. The most return on investment (physically) will be reached when the Newtral ergonomic mouse is combined with a compact keyboard, this way the users can work within their “comfort zone”.

•           Different DPI Resolutions for more comfort and efficiency

•           Soft gel flange to support the palm of your hand and wrist

•           Scientifically proven less muscle tension during mouse use

•           Available in three sizes (S/M/L) and also for left-handed use