Your own silent zone ready to use at home!

To telecommute confidentially, make a phone call, be on a video conference or to read a document, Ecobooth by Italian Slalom is a private, “ready to use” space.

site Slalom ecobooth portable.redim jpg

It is defined by thermoformed soundproofing panels, transportable in a shoulder bag.
By assembling the four panels, everyone can easily create a small, compact and ergonomic acoustic shell in less than a minute. ECObooth can be placed on any table to immediately create a quieter area, it can be dismantled and reassembled if necessary. This portable acoustic “alcove” accompanies you on all your journeys.

Lightweight, it is easy to transport and is fluidly assembled in seconds. Its system will allow you to isolate yourself without wasting time for your phone calls.

Ideal for concentration, it absorbs the ambient sound flow by allowing a private and acoustically adequate space. It offers an innovative solution for teleworking at home and for co-working or open spaces. The panels are recycled and recyclable at the end of their life, without separating the components. They are also Greenguard Gold certified.