SILEOPTA: the sound masking glass partitions, which delight the “Open Spaces”!

SILEOPTA (brand of the French group Airopta specialist in acoustics in the industrial and tertiary sectors) innovates with mobile glass partitions, associated with V&Sound, which become intelligent, and are transformed into music player, and touch screen.

V&Sound is an innovation for the treatment of sound, sound distractions, and the distribution of music in all spaces or places of relaxation. This innovation consists in the use of glass as mobile partitions with transparent effect, for the diffusion of music (or other). The vibration of the entire surface of the partition, provides a spatially homogeneous sound source.
A “readjustment” of standard speakers transforms the sound energy into vibratory energy. The sound is this way diffused by vibration effect over the entire inert surface of the glass, generating a very precise sound without visual obstacle. A revolutionary solution, currently not offered on the market for the sound environment with its own Play List thanks to the Bluetooth connection.
This partition with a minimalist spirit, refined, integrates by its transparency, the layout of friendly spaces, for break rooms, waiting and relaxation areas, for partitions in open offices, while benefiting from the natural light in addition to the dissemination of messages or soothing music. It has the effect of relaxing, entertaining, and improving the well-being of employees and the confidentiality of conversations while reducing noise distractions. This way, the user is in a sound bubble without wearing headphones or earphones which physically detach him from the rest of the open space.

SILEOPTA exhibits at Workspace Paris 2020, stand C45