A unique directional sound technology which creates sound bubbles.

While social distancing is the best way to protect yourself from the Covid-19 today, the start-up Akoustic Arts has just launched (05/06/2020) a directional Hygiaphone to protect personnel in contact with the public in hospitals, pharmacies, but also stores.

Directional Hygiaphone: communicate at 3 meters as if you were at 10 cm.

It is a directional speaker that creates bubbles of sound. The transmitter consists of 217 independent transmission points offering spatial control of sound without equivalent on the market.

” It very clearly improves the protection of caregivers and workers in contact with the public, in order to allow life to resume its course and to ensure in the best possible conditions this activity which is essential to us: communicating “, says Ilian Kaddouch CEO of Akoustic Arts.

“Our directional Hygiaphone is an intercom solution suitable for counters and public reception interfaces.”

This new hygiaphone is based on patented “directional sound” technology. Concretely, sound is transported through the air by creating a beam that only the intended user hears as if she/he was in a bubble. Communication at a distance of 3 meters is perceived as 10 centimeters. Developed in record time, the directional Hygiaphone creates the conditions for communication that is both confidential and intelligible. This way, it provides caregivers and more generally personnel exposed to the public the means of respecting distancing. Patients and clients, for their part, feel reassured to interact smoothly.

Confidentiality is especially important in emergency wards. When it is not guaranteed, caregivers may be forced to approach patients to be heard. This way, communication needs are the main source of non-compliance with barrier measures, which are the only bulwark against the virus.

Akoustic Arts is a start-up specialized in the field of acoustics and founded by Ilan Kaddouch. 150 years after the invention of the loudspeaker, the sound of which propagates in all directions, and after 7 years of research and development, Akoustic Arts has developed its unique and patented ultra-directional sound technology. The very specific hardware design of the speaker combined with powerful software processing makes it possible to render simple sound content ultra-directional. This content is transported through the air by creating a tunnel from which sound does not escape. Only the intended user hears the sound.

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