Bringing silence to Open Space

Trend, fashion phenomenon or new way of life at work: the silent cabin to share and humanize open spaces. For example with KOLO, a range of three types of acoustic booth that can be integrated into all workplaces: the Solo booth, the Duo meeting booth and the Midi studio booth. Always with respect for the environment, sustainable materials and meticulous finishes which are the strong identity of KOPLUS.

Particularly efficient in terms of acoustic quality, within “open spaces”, it took three years for the Dutch manufacturer KOPLUS to produce the range designed to offer a protected environment within “open spaces”.

KOLO is the real solution to block noise disturbance and increase productivity in any workplace that lives with the times.

Kolo Solo allows you to make a private phone call, do focused work that requires concentration, or just take a “quiet” break. KOLO Solo allows real privacy without isolation because it is totally integrated into the workspace. This acoustic cabin is customizable by variable intensity lighting and ventilation.

KOLO Duo: its flexibility is such that it is possible by combining three modules to create a meeting / conference room, modular for up to eight participants in total comfort. And why not become a room for rest, meditation or screening, always with attention to detail.

Always made with high quality soundproofing materials (35db performance), presence of an integrated phone, tablet, etc … charging port placed at table level for easy access. Presence of an adjustable and natural ventilation, lighting with luminous intensity based on Led has an automatic motion detector.

Fully integrated into the fire alarm security system, KOLO can be easily connected to the building’s Sprinkler system.

The whole range also has, if necessary, a seismic kit available to order where seismic safety is compulsory.

The acoustic booth is the perfect answer to the expectations of users who sometimes need private moments, concentration and exchanges.

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