Versatile modular partitioning system to respect social distancing

Social distancing is was undoubtedly something we hadn’t given much thought to until about March. Now it is probably one of the most vital requirements to carry on with our daily life. Sociology teaches us proximity is an extremely important driver of relationships. Based on psychology we know having more exposure to people, means we’re more likely to identify with them. To feel positively toward them.

Protecting individuals

Beyond personal relationships, studies have found proximity positively influences outcomes in business. When people working in companies perceive they are closer together, they tend to follow up more. They maintain more open lines of communication. The social distancing associated with return to offices has created a challenge. All businesses are seeking to ensure health security for their employees.

To avoid droplet projections between individuals that can transmit Covid-19, many companies are now using Plexiglas and other glass plates. To best support these new ways of protection, JPR-International offers a unique modular bulkhead system that combines versatility and simplicity. New spaces can be created or separated in an elegant way. They can be tailored according to needs, while meeting the requirements of the environment.

Different features can be proposed

Panels with adjustable dimensions that can exceed two meters, legs to be laid or fixed, document passes …
In addition, these systems have been designed to ensure rapid and efficient surface cleaning for the sake of optimization. Finally, partitions also have the advantage of being replaceable by acoustic panels for more versatility and complementarity.