Lighting and visual comfort in the workplace.

Since its inception, Radian has worked to improve lighting and visual comfort in the workplace.

To do this, Radian based its business strategy on an innovation policy that combines energetic performance, visual ergonomics and well-being at work.

Energetic performance:

Because it is possible today to divide the light power per square meter by 8 as it was installed in the 2000s: this light power needs to be dissipated and evacuated, hence the consistent additional of the same level to be used.

Visual ergonomics:

By the quality of the implanted light, its control, its homogeneity in the emission, reception and reflection undergone by the walls, furniture and office accessories.

Well being at work:

By the easy perception of the space and the environment offered by the instinctive conviviality that it promotes, therefore by the quality of life in the company and the human development necessary for life in its activities.

The quality of the energetic performance, associated with the comfortable mode of distribution, all integrated into a product that can be incorporated into the spaces dedicated by its project managers constitute a whole in which the members of the Radian team express themselves with desire and talent.

Beyond the product response, Radian gives ambitious goals for the completion of the implementation of the delivered products by assisting its partner, the electrical company, to install them with the quality required and rightly demanded by the supervisors.

To do this, Radian has reinvested in its Paris showroom and in a brand new factory

In Nantes of 4000m² the real tool awaited by all partners to help improve the perceived quality of the building: a real site tool necessary for taking into account an organized and well planned execution.

How can we serve our activity at the service of the customer without using these basic means?