The love story between gaming and ergonomics continues: Razer and Humanscale

After the partnership between Logitech and American designer Hermann Miller (who we felt was the first in a long series), here is another example. This time it’s Razer, the American peripheral company, well-acquainted with video game enthusiasts, which is partnering up with design and ergonomics specialist Humanscale. To release a range of ergonomic office accessories, the Productivity Suite. Made of 3 accessories whose sobriety and whiteness are obvious, and will delight aficionados.

Immaculate white peripherals …

For the moment, the range is made up of 3 elements. The Pro Click mouse (sold for 109 euros), the Pro Glide mat (12 euros) and the Pro Type keyboard (149 euros). It is available at resellers since August 27, 2020 or directly to order on the Razer website. The first thing that stands out is the pristine white of all the objects. A real novelty for Razer, whose color black was until now the “trademark”. The primary goal of the range: the well-being of users. The Productivity Suite was designed more for office use than for video games. This is confirmed by Alvin Cheung, vice president of Razer’s Peripherals unit: “Most desktop peripherals are based on a unique design and technology, which becomes a source of user frustration and a problem. obstacle in the working day. I am really very proud of the Razer Productivity Suite we are presenting today with our partner Humanscale to address these issues. He goes even further by asserting that the Productivity Suite range is intended to “improve business productivity.”

… Which will delight users

The Razer Pro Click mouse has been designed to minimize the health risks associated with prolonged use of this device. We talk about tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and musculoskeletal disorders in general. The mouse has an ergonomic contour allowing user’s wrist to be positioned at a neutral 30 degree angle. This guarantees a certain comfort and avoids injuries related to pronation. On the technical side, there is a 5G optical sensor, Bluetooth and a battery that can last up to 400 hours. Finally, the mouse has 8 programmable buttons.

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Like its friend the mouse, the Razer Pro Type keyboard has been designed with user’s well-being in mind. It has a soft coating that guarantees typing comfort. It uses Orange mechanical keys (Razer’s specialty) for silent typing. Since noise is also a source of nuisance. It is equipped with wireless connectivity and Bluetooth for up to 4 devices. Its durability is estimated at over 80 million keystrokes. Finally, it is equipped with fully programmable keys and LED backlighting.

Finally, the Razer Pro Glide mat is micro-woven and resistant for quick guidance allowing smooth and soft movements. This leads, in addition to the pleasant aspect, greater precision in the movements.

Even though user reviews are yet to be found for this range, specialists are currently issuing rather positive reviews. They emphasize the clean design as well as a pleasant use of the products. There is no news yet on an expansion of the range. No communication about it from either Razer or Humanscale. More to come in a future issue!