When the Corsicans get down to ergonomics at work

New ergonomics will now also come from the “The Isle of Beauty”. All this thanks to two brothers, Louis and Paul-Victor Harmand, who launched their SAS last summer. Their leitmotif? Bring even more solutions and comfort to workers subject to difficulties. And reduce the scourge of musculoskeletal disorders in France. There were in fact more than 42,000 cases in France in 2017. This represents 87% of declared occupational diseases. Beyond a business, the two brothers especially want to help. And do not limit yourself when asking for advices from them. Quick focus on this novelty in the Corsican landscape initiated by 2 young men full of positive ambition.

A young company boosted by remote working?

Paul Victor and Louis wanted to meet the needs of disabled workers and offer tools adapted to their comfort at work. To do this, they first became affiliated with one of their suppliers. But the pandemic and the spread of remote work convinced them that it could be a great opportunity. They thus decided to accelerate the development of their business.

“It was not our first idea, but work from home has imposed itself on us. We offer several tools, in particular a ‘remote working’ pack with basic tools to have a job much more adapted to the constraints of human body. This will avoid to just sit at a dining table, or at a coffee table with an inappropriate chair or sofa… ”explains the manager of the company Evexia Ergonomie.

In other words, distance working deprives users of high-performance accessories, especially ergonomic ones. Those who suffered already at their workstations, are more likely to suffer even more working from home. Mostly because the correct material and devices are expensive. An expense that company could bear, much less individual employee. The working conditions at home are worse. And it is not the figures about the raise of musculoskeletal disorders that will show the opposite. The two Corsican brothers saw an opportunity and took it. Responding to an emerging need which is bound to evolve. Great opportunity to do business, but also to help out. As they make it a point of honour and personal concern to stress out about poor ergonomic conditions. Their visions are not only mercantile.

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The goal? Building a business but also helping

“Sometimes, just by giving advice, you can help a person to be better and to work better without necessarily investing in equipment” explains Paul Victor, the eldest. The 2 brothers also take advantage of the presence of the media to give advice to those who may need it. They recommend, for example, to keep your gaze at the top of the screen. And, for that, do not hesitate to raise the latter. They also stress out the importance of having a comfortable seat. With elbows supported (by armrests for example). These two points are the most important for them. Point that need to be respected in order to avoid the appearance of musculoskeletal disorders. In order to maintain increased productivity, they also recommend not skimping on breaks. 5 minutes every hour at least. It will allow your eyes to be rested, but also to stretch your muscles and avoid some of disastrous impact on pressure points.

The 2 brothers are committed to bringing all their knowledge, and share it especially with their clients. They rely on their energy. Their unwavering desire to contribute as much as possible to the well-being of those who need it. An energy that they are sure is and will continue to be communicative. They are also helping to diversify the economy on the Isle of Beauty. And it’s not the locals who will complain. They who often point finger at the weak economic development of Corsica apart from tourism can start to count on ergonomics.

Source: France Bleu RCFM