The BodyRyzm Back Vitalizer an “adjustable”cushion.

The BodyRyzm Back Vitalizer is a new Canadian product: simple lines for easier use on a daily basis of this “adjustable”cushion.

The surprise: fast, reliable effects. Daily sitting work poses serious problems because the lumbar spine remains motionless too long. By adopting this cushion (whose interior consists of a small adjustable air line), it is important to determine the quantity of air, and to find the optimal sitting position.

This product can be used not only as a cushion, but also as a physiological support for the spine as the muscles of the back are working continuously. It therefore continuously stimulates the neuromuscular system of the spine. It’s like when you’re riding: this is an ongoing balancing act, which relieves the spine.
(Seen at the 2013 National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, December 4-6)