New from Steelcase (3 July 2014)

e2d-57-image1STEELCASE promotes physical and mental well-being of professionals in work environments

Ology is a new desktop solution that promotes physical and mental well-being of the users, to make an healthier work environment. It offers height adjustable desks solutions, different work surfaces, organizational tools and solutions for cable management and even offers an antibacterial treatment to create a workspace concerned about our health.

Particularly anti bacterial treated are the crank and the height adjustment interface, ergonomic seamless edge and blotter and the plastic hatch and sliding tray handle.
The antibacterial treatment reduces 99% growth of of the most common microorganisms. Adjustable desks promote posture changes offering solutions adapted to each user. Ology offers 2 options of user interface (intuitive and programmable). Thanks to the integrated rail option, Ology can be equipped with Plurio computer supports for laptops or flat screen computers, direct lighting, sockets and connection cables, and 1 +1 organization tools to improve the ergonomics of the workstation. The seamless edge allows an invisible transition between the desktop surface and the edge creating the illusion of a continuous surface. It eliminates the porosity of the glue line and increases the life of the desktop.

While allowing to better support users who spend most of their day on their computer, Ology significantly reduces pressure on the forearm, as well as feelings of fatigue in the shoulders or neck. Ology offers 5 different heights to meet the needs of all users, 9 different forms of desktops and more than 29 options and accessories.