A “Made in France” Innovation

A physician everywhere, constantly with Consult Station®.
H4D goes beyond the connected health actors, offering a comprehensive, practical system, applicable anywhere in the world, and that can be easily integrated into the care pathway

Consult Station® integrating H4D solutions allows, beyond remote monitoring applications and teleconsultation, to pave the way for the preparation of real plans for the prevention and detection of acute or chronic diseases (hypertension, respiratory disorders, heart failure …), thanks to advanced certified professional sensors.

Consult Station® cabin integrates selected, certified professional, validated by tests, sensors, some of them connected by optic fiber (medical imaging for ENT and skin examinations ): Professional Scales – Medical height gauge – Thermometer – Blood pressure meter – Pulse oximeter (measures blood oxygenation rate and heart rate) – Electrocardiogram * – Stethoscope* – Otoscope * – dermatoscope* audiometric and visual examinations * (* depending on the version of the cabin).

It can accommodate any type of ** patients requiring access to care. It allows health professionals (physicians, hospital doctors, ambulances …) to diagnose remotely from the measures taken by the patient independently in the cabin. Designed to serve as a base for various telemedicine programs, the Consult Station® is available in several versions: TS (remote monitoring), TG (remote monitoring with electrocardiogram) and TK (teleconsultation and medical videoconferencing).

** With the exception of unaccompanied children under 11 years and people that do not have the level of mobility or sufficient intelligibility.

Facilitating access to care through telehealth, revolutionizing the approach to medical practice, brings practical solutions to the problems of isolation and organization of care related to demographic and social realities “It offers the possibility to detect the early stage of the disease, to make therapeutic education, to do follow-up, and to optimize the care. This opens new perspectives .. “observes Dr. Franck Baudino, founder of H4D. The objective is to allow people access to a doctor, whenever and wherever it is needed, recreating autonomous, reliable and easy to implement “health fields.

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Consult Station® cabin is the cornerstone of telehealth solutions. This tool combines technological innovation and accessibility, serving patients as well as doctors. It finds its applications in both public and private hospitals and clinics, health centers and medical groups, nursing homes, senior residences, but also fire stations, base camps, prisons and large companies (offshore platforms for example. etc …)

H4D, responsible and innovative company, is supported in its efforts towards research and development by several partners OSEO (financing), Eurobiomed, etc… H4D hasobtained the status of Young Innovative Company. In 2010, it was chosen to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, with already an international aim. In 2013, a first Consult Station® is installed at Cluny in Burgundy, France Another implantation, a Private Hospital in Paris Region: since the end of May 2014, the emergency department of this private hospital is based on a Consult Station® cabin to regulate and optimize its operations and contribute to a better management of patients. Measurements are automatically integrated into the patient record. The initial feedback is very promising. In the coming months, Consult Stations ® will be installed in city halls, fire stations, nursing homes or villages without a doctor. They will be available in the evenings and on weekends under the responsibility of a controller doctor. Other installations are planned in health services or emergency, nursing homes or isolated places (oil platforms, jails …). cabinss teleconsultation will then be managed by the referring medical team on site.

A transferable model in other countries: applications of Consult Station® are not limited to France. Its ability to adapt to many telehealth requirements, the high quality of its equipment, services that go with it, make it an innovative solution that already involves other countries in Europe and in the world. To be continued!