Cosm or intuitive ergonomics applied to the new Herman Miller seat

                                                 “Everything should be as simple as possible but not simplistic”

Studio 7.5 has drawn inspiration from the conviction stated by Albert Einstein.

Creator in the 90s of the ” worldwide bestseller ” Aeron, the favorite office seat of all the world of NTIC, today, Herman Miller always
“the forerunner to listen” to mutations in the world of work, as well that the development of both collaborative and private spaces, creates COSM the brand new range of seats which asserts itself as the quintessence of the established partnership – for two decades – between the Berlin designers of Studio 7.5 and Herman Miller. Cosm is a design combining simplicity of use, ergonomics and aesthetics. It will find – naturally – its full legitimacy in all tertiary areas.
Nowadays, people no longer have to think in order to master the use of their shared office chair because the seat responds – promptly and precisely – to the wishes and needs of each user. Auto-Harmonic TiltTM, automatic tilting mechanism – and ultra-precise – ensures the perfect balance between maintaining the body and total freedom of movement. The Cosm seats therefore offer a dynamic comfort by adapting – instantly and without any adjustment – to the morphology of each user. In addition, Leaf rounded armrests have a textile membrane, ensuring increased comfort thanks to the flexibility of use. The new range of Cosm seats is part of the Living Office concept. A holistic vision of workplace design imagined – by Herman Miller – around the dynamics of participation, invention, evolution and introspection of people in their professional environment.