Hexa designed by Przemysław “Mac”Stopa for Nowy Styl

Unrivalled acoustic comfort because if HEXA is particularly protective for “incoming”sounds, it helps to establish a conversation in a total listening comfort . A real modularity of “blocks”allows a simplified assembly. A wide range of colors allows to play them for customizing spaces .Offices of today are vibrant places: things constantly evolving, change being the only thing that’s constant. People are always in discussion and looking for new solutions.

Hexa helps create spaces in which we can focus our positive thoughts and work together efficiently. This is often how some of the best ideas are born.

Play&Work furniture system by Nowy Styl. While arranging an office, we cannot forget about rooms designed for individual work in the quiet. 98% of the most committed employees have access to a place where they can concentrate in their office. Thanks to its unique, yet simple design, the Play&Work furniture system inspires employees and increases their ability to concentrate. It also allows applying both traditional and non-standard arrangement solutions to the silence zone. A cabinet with an upholstered cover enables the user to change the working position completely (into a half-lying one), which has a positive influence on employees’ health. This cabinet can also be used as a quick meeting point.