SitLand office chairs which can improve the quality of life

The goal of SitLand is to design office chairs which can improve the quality of life. SitLand designs and produces its collection with great aesthetic sense but taking into account also the functionality of its models. Established in 1977, SitLand is a company in which project, form and quality merge to create original and innovative office chairs.

SitLand gives priority to quality, research and experimenting with new technical solutions that lead to the identification of systems with avant-garde design, manufacturing products which combine design and technology, ergonomics and design harmony. In line with the new design needs and the transformations of workspaces, SitLand presents a new collection of products designed for the contract business: Grace, Cell and Use Me. Three different collections but with a common denominator: technological innovation and contemporary design. “Grace”is a collection of functional and elegant chairs. “Cell”is a seating system designed to give to the user privacy and comfort.  Last but not least,  “Use Me”, the tables designed to offer maximum performance with a minimalist design.