Snowsound system, by Caimi

Caimi was presenting in Milano the new products designed by Atelier Mendini, Alberto and Francesco Meda, Marc Sadler, Sezgin Aksu and Lorenzo Damiani, to design different possibilities of acoustic applications of the new Snowsound system.

The Snowsound® technology provides an acoustic correction quickly and easily into new environments as well as into existing environments. The panels were tested in reverberation chamber in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 354, getting the “sound absorption class A”according to UNI EN ISO 11654. Despite the reduced thickness of the modules, they absorb relatively well very low frequencies (below 500 Hz), that is to say the frequencies that characterize the bass normally difficult to control. They absorb very well the middle frequencies (between 500 and 2000 Hz), the typical frequencies of the human voice and in general of the work environment. Aesthetic, acoustic and functional characteristics are identical for both sides.