Beatnik chair and Beatnik room in a room by Donar

Beatnik chair features a high quality Bose 2.1 two speakers system with an integrated subwoofer under the seating area. The speakers are located at the upper front part of the chair,creating an impressive spatial sound effect.

The sound station chair can be connected to literally any of your devices containing music or audio books, including laptops, mobile phones tablets or mp3 players. Using Bluetooth or AirPlay, Beatnik will click with you in a moment. Beatnik by Donar, a sort of nomadic yurt with a contemporary flavor, perfect for brainstorming. Beatnik Room-In-Room is a ready-made solution for open-plan offices, coworking spaces and large interiors ensuring audiovisual privacy for meetings, web conferencing or simply private contemplation. And above all, a distinctive object bringing character in every context.