Soundwave @wall and Notes

Offecct Sweden presented at Milan 2 new acoustic panels :
SOUNDWAVE® WALL by the french desgner: Christophe PILLET is the largest acoustic panel made by Offecct to date, and is built upon the existing standard measures set by Offecct’s successful acoustic panels collection Soundwave®.

Soundwave Wall is a lightweight sound absorber in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and
above). These panels help reduce disturbing reflections of environmental noise such as voices,
telephones etc. Moulded polyester fibre in anthracite, grey alt. Offwhite. Incl. device for
NOTES consists of five different shapes that you can dress in a fabric of your choice. These shapes can then be rearranged by moving them sideways. NOTES not only absorb sound, but also helps to divide space in a new and exciting way. Designer: Luca Nichetto, Venezia.