The USM Privacy Panels

designed specifically to meet the needs and requirements of flexible and multi-generational offices of tomorrow. Modular USM Privacy Panels are the space-saving, flexible solution for structuring workplaces, zoning of work environments, ensuring the user’s privacy and optimizing acoustics in the work space.

Usm, with its modular partitions in sound-absorbing material that make it possible to redefine the perimeters of the office in a few seconds and with a color palette as delicate as it is intriguing.
New table: USM Kitos E Meeting
The largely dimensioned new USM Kitos E Meeting Table makes conferencing a pleasure.
Extra large table size combined with electronic height adjustment : the extra-long feet under the table, for maximum leg room, the big cable trough mounted under the middle of the tabletop, accessed from both sides, and the two optional hinged covers for network access that can be recessed into the tabletop. The electronic height adjustment system used in the USM Kitos E Meeting table permits standing or sitting work, and allows the table to be adapted to the personal requirements of its users.