The perfect gift: the new Unimouse by Contour Design

Since October 2017 (release date of UNIMOUSE by Contour Design), I use this new writing device without constraint, all the positions are flexible, each user to find its most comfortable position. In terms of postural ergonomics, the ideal is the movement in terms of seating with adjustable chairs and chairs as the tables “up and down” adjustable and with Unimouse we finally have the mouse “for moving”.

One can change position at any time, by mobilizing different muscles and tendons, avoiding this way to stay in fixed, static positions. In addition, Unimouse has a friction system for simple and stable use in all positions. I love the articulated 3-axis thumb rest that adjusts very simply to the width of the hand, allowing you to release the grip in any position, regardless of the size and shape of your hand.

Not forgetting the patented Contour Design hinge, whose articulation allows custom adjustment of the pronation angle from 35 ° to 70 degrees. Congratulations for the optical sensor PMW3330, a concentrate of technology, the movements are without “jolt”, harmonious, fluid, whatever the work surface and up to 8 meters.

And its 10 moving speeds allow you to work at your own pace. 6 programmable and customizable buttons allow to virtually adapt each action to each of our own needs. Benefit of the very reactive and ultra soft scroll wheel.

In summary easy adaptation, effective and precise, giving a real comfort of use. When using it, you quickly realize throughout the day that the possibilities of changing positions offered by Unimouse evolve depending on the type of activity and time spent. It is a real gain of wellness, eliminating all possible tensions.

Specific technical data:
Lithium-ion polymer batteries guarantee up to three months of battery life ** on a single charge, and the Data + Charge cables allow you to charge your mouse while working, eliminating unproductive time. The “Smart Sleep” smart battery system ensures long-term use, hibernating when you’re not using the mouse.

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** Battery life varies according to user and conditions of use

Weight: 135.5 g
Physical dimensions: 11.9 x 7.6 x 5.6 cm
Color Selection: slate
Number of buttons / functions: 7 buttons (6 programmable buttons)
DPI : 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2800
OS: OSX, Windows
Connection: Wired or wireless
Driver: Optional Driver for Customizing Buttons
Plug-and-play: Ready to use