se: joy chair by SEDUS. Comfort for all …. without compromise

The office has become a space synonymous with attractiveness and freedom, combining design and well-being. Sedus has totally integrated this evolution, with its latest chair se :joy. With a modern and pleasant design that we owe to designer Martin Ballendat,
it is of a great comfort and has intuitive functionalities. It has its place everywhere: in office spaces, conference rooms or in areas dedicated to projects or in “Home Office”. se :joy is available with a structure in black or light gray.

It can be equipped with ergonomic armrests perfectly matching the contours and aesthetics of the seat. Fluidity and balance characterize the mechanism allowing the seat to tilt (inclination of the seat 4 ° forward / 7 ° backward).

It accompanies the movements of the user and allows to adopt an active or relaxed posture, depending on the situation. A slider allows to block this mechanism. Its monobloc bearing structure ideally distributes forces along the spine, without having to adjust.

Its sophisticated concept allows it to adapt to users of all sizes.