Tdroit to end the “round back” phenomenon

The tshirt, underwear “hold yourself straight! creates good postural habits. Classified as a medical device, the “TDroit” T-shirt is developed in partnership with physiotherapists and osteopaths. Its inventor Patrick Mamou also tells us that T Droit is “Specially designed and manufactured, in brushed cotton, to stimulate the person to straighten without aggressing. Its innovative and patented system aims to act on strategic pressure points to help rebalance your posture. Enrolled as a medical device (reimbursed by some mutual organisations), this underwear comes with a view of comfort and in no case as part of medical treatment. This is a patented non-intrusive tutoring system. ” This underwear has in the back 3 T-shaped “closed” back pockets, forming a large H somehow, in which we slip (removable ribs to wash the tshirt) 2 large lateral ribs, and a smaller rib (central part). Spread over these ribs, 8 “pins” / silicone pads in relief exert a simultaneous pressure to alert on the bad postures. This “H” stimulates strategic pressure points to encourage the user to straighten and accompanies him to naturally adopt a better posture without aggressing him. Its effectiveness requires to wear it directly on the skin, having a “V” notch it can be worn under a shirt. As soon as the “pimples” or pads are in contact with the body, the user is alerted when his position is bad, so that it will adopt a better position naturally and sustainably. V-Neck T-shirt. Available in 2 colors (black or white). Unisex product – 8 sizes (XXS to XXXL). Selling points: pharmacy, e-shop, Amazon.