MOTU: the new office line of Karl Westermann GmbH & Co. KG.

With a wealth of experience in high-end interior design, collaborating with the design agency, wd3 has created a wonderful multifunctional line of office furniture. The MOTU work in motion series – is primarily aimed at a clientele who lives fully in its time for people who are both mobile outside their offices and when they go back to work on a brief two or three-fold report, a few phone calls, a team meeting, an appointment, a drink at the office and many more hours of work to set the files in progress …

Thinking the appropriate offices consisted first of all to think of pleasant offices made of authentic materials warm and comfortable for the eye and also physically. To this was added the technology needed to help make life easier. MOTU are therefore warm, ergonomic, mobile, sound-absorbing desks, supplemented by acoustic space dividers and office furniture, which also contributes to providing its users with connotations of a pleasure to use them and that they constitute your environment.

Spoutnik II by Karl Westerman

The wheelbarrow idea is redefined and sets the office in motion in the form of Sputnik II. The temporary, minimal work station table is mobile in two directions: in the horizontal plane by the electrical or mechanical height adjustment, in the vertical plane or by the integrated castor. As a supplementary table, Sputnik II can be placed next to a static work station or remain freestanding as a second level above a static work station. As a temporary work station, Sputnik II is used wherever dynamic thinking processes happen and when changes in perspectives are likely to take place. Sputniks in procession can be turned instantaneously into a single interaction table for informal exchange