The end of” light leaks ” and shadow zones with Spaceline by RADIAN

SpaceLine, from French luminaire manufacturer RADIAN, is a linear lighting solution for structuring architectural spaces, whether they be open-spaces, circulations, meeting rooms or even welcoming spaces. SpaceLine’s design, in the form of recessed luminaires, ceiling lights and suspensions, ensures seamless homogeneous distribution of continuous light, without interruption,
even on long lengths. The quality of the materials used – mainly aluminum – combined with a rigorous finish of the devices guarantee a connection of the modules free of any “light leakage” completing this way the straightness of the light path, particularly at the junctions. By combining the luminous efficiency of LEDs and high efficiency reflectors with an opal diffuser, SpaceLine provides the optimal visual comfort of a lighting that is both powerful,precise and never dazzling, while allowing energy savings of up to 45% compared to conventional lighting in place (T5 fluorescent) .The setting on line is particularly easy thanks to a system of inclined lugs and fast connectors. To ensure a perfect finish, the SpaceLine recessed fixtures have vanishing fins that hide any imperfections in cutting.

Seen at Workspace Expo2018