Tertiary real estate Earn square meters by improving and maintaining good working Conditions, without harming the productivity and attractiveness of the company.

How it works !
Sensors measure the occupancy of workstations and common areas (meeting rooms, bubbles, etc …). Positioned under the desks or on the ceiling, they are autonomous. The occupancy messages are sent via a SIGFOX low-speed network. Indoor coverage guarantee: one to several antennas to cover the entire building are located in the technical premises. The data is hosted in a data center that has the highest level of security qualification *. Their access is secure. We discovered this French start-up of international dimension, during Workplace Meeting of Cannes in November 2017. Our interest was confirmed during the last Workspace Expo in Paris because CSM meets the new expectations related to the management of workspaces: agility, digitalization and attractiveness for employees while optimizing surfaces. CSM brings a new vision of the work environment based on balance between management and working conditions. Their plug & play solution made up of IOT and big data uses powerful algorithms and provides, thanks to the Dashboards usable by all, a real tool for decision support and communication between DG, HR, DET and Real Estate.
Identify underutilized spaces or saturated spaces:
Connected Space Management (CSM) Transform Together solution is based on ultra-powerful, multiple, and intelligent algorithms for managing usage and management of workspaces. A new vision based on the balance between optimization of surfaces and good working conditions. By digitizing all the rooms in a building, CSM offers companies the opportunity to rethink their workspaces according to uses and needs.


* the information is in a format that an outside person cannot exploit. For example, in case of interception of a message sent by an object, without the decryption key, it is impossible to access the contents of this message.