Artificial Intelligence does not exist !

by Luc Julia, Senior Vice-president, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS

“Artificial Intelligence does not exist, but augmented intelligence is on the move. I that it will open up, in the years to come, new perspectives, which will still surprise us,in many areas “.
Luc Julia publishes at First Editions an amazing book: “the possibility that the robots created by humans take control and precipitate our extinction is not based on anything tangible”.
“To innovate is to put oneself in a situation of discomfort, by talking to people in a field completely different from ours, by applying known rules in one area to another, putting our knowledge into question, and critical thinking. “
It is clear that this approach of the artificial intelligence, quite original, sweeps notably the fears it arouses, and demonstrates a solid Cartesian mind. Only the future will tell us if his confidence in humanity is justified!