WINGER Chair, like a smart butler, telling us about the postural discomfort.

Selected by Ergonoma Journal at 43rd CIFF Guangzhou the world’s largest furniture exhibition and the most important business platform in Asia.

Winger chair by SUNON : Elegant beauty and comfortable sitting feeling. These are the features of the new Winger Chair, whose waist holder is designed like swan wings to fully fit the lumbar vertebra curves

The new seat has a round curve that fits the human body and a rich selection of functions to help the staff release pressure from head, neck and waist. The exclusive version is like a smart butler, telling us about the discomfort of key parts of the body, and making more healthy and scientific adjustments in a timely and effective manner to meet the sitting posture of different body types, so that everyone has a comfortable seat suitable for him/her.
The seat cushion has built-in sensors to detect the pressure distribution, duration, heart rate, etc. of the user, and transmit the data to the APP.
Detect your sitting posture from the user’s point of view, and inform you of the health issue that you ignored. Real-time detection of the duration of the sitting, setting reminders, recommending simple health exercises, good habits starting with small changes. Data, figurative understanding of your own health, better for users to adjust in time.