Make your sitting hours active.

Created by “ActiveBase”, a young innovative company located in the Bouches du Rhône (France), it is a seat concept that naturally stimulates the upper and lower body muscle chains.
The Activebase can build our abs, strengthen our silhouette and especially improve our posture. It transforms our sitting hours from “active-sedentary” into active hours.
With a slightly curved base, which allows freedom of movement, and helps maintain a good tonicity of the abdominal muscle belt, it is adjustable in height, by gas cylinder, with a handle perfectly integrated into the seat. Created by Guilbault Colas, a former high-level skier, at the time when, in full rehabilitation, he was looking for a way to recover at best, as quickly as possible and to overcome a recurring back pain He had to get back in shape and develop his deep muscles (abdominal, dorsal and lower limbs) It is because of this will and of the total absence of solution available on the market that Active Base was born!

a double articulation for a double swing!

It is a doubly unstable but also profiled seat, allowing all kinds of postures and movements. At its base, through a sphere of instability, that it is possible to more or less uncover according to the desired work (the more the sphere is uncovered, the more the seat is unstable), and at the level of the seat (There are also several notches of instability allowing to vary the efforts). And why not do fitness sessions regularly? It is possible, by actively working the deep muscles in a shorter but more intense way, in the form of a fitness session, (a series of exercises are available on the web from level I to IV). No need to spend hours there: a little each day and your silhouette will gradually come out firmer, more sheathed. Because the design of Activebase allows to instantly reposition one’s spine while reaching the deep muscles and ligaments that allow its support and function.