From the E-bubble to the Ark

Ergonoma journal has believed in Leet Design’s E-bubble, “made in Auvergne”, from the start in 2013, when it was only a “1st generation” prototype.

It must be said that such an innovative product, supported by the enthusiasm and the creative ardor of its co-founders, Gaspard Broustine and Géry Moulas, could only please us, with them we projected ourselves in the future and have imagined the future performance of such an innovative work tool, connected and quiet, amid the noise emitted in a fast paced environment.
Today, in full rise, the E-bubble is present in many companies or public places. But its creators do not stop there. Gaspard BROUSTINE, still associated with Géry Moulas, presented during the last Workspace Expo in Paris, L’ARCHE/

The new product by Leet design:THE ARK

The Ark, a private space of quality, elegant, sober, luminous, “transparent”, with gently rounded forms, designed to improve the quality of life at work. Also manufactured in France and eco-responsible, the ARCHE has been developed in collaboration with acoustic experts to ensure a strong insulation with respect to the outside, and have no resonance effect inside or even a slight sensation of sound pressure. We tried it in the particularly noisy environment of a trade show; and there, oh! surprise a
real feeling of well-being, a lowering of tensions, invaded us to the point of regretting to leave it.

A great success in a range of products that was present on many stands but whose performances have rarely matched those of the ARCHE. In addition each material has been carefully selected in a logic of respect for the environment: wood from sustainably managed forests, natural insulation bio-sourced 100% hemp. Designed in a sustainable and eco-responsible logic, and still manufactured in Auvergne (FRANCE) in the workshops of Leet Design not far from Vichy.

Source Leet-design