N.A.P, by Loook Industries

This pod uses Neurosonic technology  to increase your wellbeing– including your sleep quality, migraine problems, stress relief & many more.

N.A.P or Neuron Activation Pod is actually some next level scifi stuff. Equipped with groundbreaking Finnish technology from the company Neurosonic, this pod is a giant leap towards the office of the future. A quick powernap can greatly improve employee concentration and productivity. It effectively decreases work related stress and eases pain. A 10-minute break with N.A.P. is already making health the first priority.

The Neurosonic technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation, very low frequency sinusoidal vibration, which is targeted simultaneously to the whole body. Stimulation is extremely relaxing both physically and mentally. Neurosonic treatment is used to enhance quality of sleep, to ease stress, muscle tensions and swelling. It activates metabolism and assists in both physical and mental recovery.