FT Technologies improves efficiency and ESD safety with Treston workstations

Established in 1981, FT Technologies are the market leaders in the design and manufacturing of high performance Acoustic Resonance wind sensors. However, after 30 years of successful business they were beginning to outgrow their original head office and factory so the decision was made to move to a refurbished, state of the art facility in Sunbury-on-Thames, southwest London.

After several years of working together FT Technologies were confident that Treston would be able to produce a solution that was to their given brief and would suit all of their needs in each location of the project.

Within the Research and Development Laboratory it was important that the benches were not only ESD protected, but also able to withstand a large weight bearing load. Treston’s Concept Electric Height Adjustable Workbench was the most fitting solution for this area. With a maximum weight limit of 400kg it is able to manage the robust equipment used, the flexible modular design and accessories available to them means that workbenches are adaptable to the latest task being worked on. The height adjustability gives the benches an ergonomic aspect to the needs of the user.

In Production and Assembly, it was decided that FT Technologies were going to move away from their old style of all the assembly processes occurring on the same bench to a new system of a single process per workstation to create a better flow and increase production levels. This would mean that in this ESD protected environment they would require a variation of accessories for each differently configured workstation according to the task that was going to be performed. As a result of this 60 Concept Height Adjustable Workbenches were fitted with various accessories including perforated panels, LED task lighting, Shelving, and Storage. 

 “FT Technologies have invested in new equipment for the next 15+ years, the Treston benches like the FT Technologies product are rugged and designed to last. Several competitor products we viewed didn’t give us the same level of confidence, modularity and robustness” – David Walch, Operations Director

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Source: Treston.com