Latest in ergonomics

After the turbulent times we have just experienced, it is our relationship with work and contact with others that monopolizes the minds of inventors. In recent years, increased competition between companies, cost reduction tended to increase the number of workers per square meter. We can cite open spaces, designed to promote interactions, and which disseminate bacteria as much. A trend that has become impossible with the new health standards. Thus, ergonomics seem to be starting to live a golden age of inventions. For laymen, a good reason to start taking an interest in the study of the relationship between man and his working conditions and for the more initiated, the perfect time to discover all these novelties. A quick overview.

The autonomous acoustic space BlaBla Cube

Respecting distances can sometimes come up against the need for confidentiality in the world of work. This is how the company BlaBla Cube developed the autonomous acoustic space. Manufactured and assembled 100% in France (in the Drôme area to be precise), it is equipped with acoustic panels in absorbent foam 40 millimeters thick, covered with textile. It is designed entirely in recyclable and sustainable materials. The acoustics are neat, accessible to all and highly customizable. Different options allow you to configure the cabin to limit the spread of COVID 19. The floor covering is hygienic and the seating area is washable. Finally, the cabin is fitted with ventilation filters and antibacterial contact zones. Ideal for stopping the spread of any type of virus. Discover the range of acoustic cabins.

Ahrend Clear panels for workstations, the guarantee of non transmission of bacteria

Ahrend Clear is a collection of clear acrylic panels that can be attached to worktops, office partitions as well as monitor arms. The result ? Maintaining an environment free of germ or bacteria transmission. Their transparency makes it possible not to alter eye contact with your work colleagues. The collection also includes separate freestanding acrylic panels for placement on cabinets, meeting tables and counters. All 100% recyclable. A solution that seems ideal for large workplaces or open spaces, the composition of which seems hardly compatible with new hygiene requirements.

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Oostendede Bulo, the visitor chair that avoids any unwanted contact

Here again, an invention which makes it possible to reconcile compliance with new hygiene requirements with the need to receive visitors, in particular customers, at the workplace. A good way to continue to have a commercial activity without violating the rules of hygiene.

With a clever cut on the side for attaching a bag or coat, that chair, inspired by the classic models of preformed chairs mutliplex, adapts to any environment. It is stackable (you can do this up to 10 units). The preformed beech multiplex shell is available in a natural finish or stained in rosewood color or lacquered in black. You can choose between including lacquered black powder and chrome champagne for the base.

These new developments in the world of ergonomics are just a few of many. Do you want to discover our selection of novelties? So go to issue 60 of Ergonoma Journal. Partition systems, solutions for improving acoustics… there is something for everyone and for all budgets. A sign also that mankind has always known how to reinvent itself when facing difficulties …