Looking for Distributors – ONGO GmbH

ONGO ® GmbH was founded ten years ago by the architect and designer Eberhard Lenz with the aim of promoting and supporting health and performance at work through «active sitting» with dynamic ONGO ® seating furniture. ONGO ® now takes the next step and offers unique concepts to make the workplace and companies more agile with a modular system, that is easy to implement and efficient to make offices fit for the future.

The ONGO ® workspace concept consists of three components: Active Sitting, Mobile Desks and the Pop-Up Office. The product offer includes dynamic stools, chairs and tables, which can be adjusted from sitting to standing height, through hydraulic mechanisms.

The ONGO ® Spark is the first mobile desk, naturally height-adjustable and easily pulled to the next location. The ONGO ® Boards are mobile sight and sound protection screens in form of whiteboards, bulletin boards or projection screens for video conferences.

The ONGO ® Meet and ONGO ® Active Point store up to three ONGO ® stools and can be used as a spontaneous meeting point where needed. According to Eberhard Lenz, «ONGO ® offers solutions tailored to the demands of tomorrow’s working environments by inviting employees to be more agile»

Contact: Eberhard LENZ: e.lenz@ongo.eu