Humanscale partners with Ecomedes to facilitate the purchase of sustainable office equipment

Here is a partnership that shows that concern for ergonomics and well-being at work can very well be combined with preserving the planet. On the one hand Humanscale, the American company that designs and manufactures ergonomic products improving health and comfort of working life. On the other hand, Ecomedes, pioneer of solutions facilitating the purchase of sustainable products for builbing. Purpose? A new online portal that will make it easier to find and review Humanscale products for health and sustainability-conscious office furniture buyers.

Sustainable construction and office supplies

The portal was designed for use by building owners. But also designers, distributors, architects, engineers or any other construction professional looking for furniture that meets sustainability requirements in a cost effective manner. It operates a free-to-access Ecomedes sustainable product search engine. The latter includes more than 10,000 brands of different construction goods and 700,000 unique construction products. The Humanscale portal is customized to meet the specific needs of both client audiences. But also internal Humanscale teams. A demonstration of the use of this portal is available on this video.

Building professionals are finding that manufacturers are increasingly aware of the need to clearly display their product sustainability certifications. And to meet as many standards as possible. Finally, it is necessary to present this information in a way that helps decision-making owners and designers. Ecomedes meets this need for Humanscale’s sales, marketing, QA and technical teams. By applying the company’s in-depth knowledge of how information is used by buyers to the portal design. In the other direction, Ecomedes is also extending the visibility of Humanscale to a wider sustainable purchasing audience through its product database offering.

The purchase of sustainable ergomics products made easy

“We have always been strong advocates for a comfortable, healthy and sustainable work environment, in the office or at home,” said Leena Jain, Marketing Director of Humanscale. “We are delighted to partner with Ecomedes to provide greater transparency and respond quickly to customer questions about the sustainable profile of our products.” As many of our sales and marketing teams are now teleworking, this online portal will also reduce the delivery time for updated product sheets and responses to RFPs. “.

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Kathleen Egan, CEO of Ecomedes, is also delighted with this partnership. She says “The Humanscale brand evokes well-being combined with stunning style. At Ecomedes, our mission is to make their brand commitment, like that of other manufacturers of sustainable building products, easily identifiable by concerned buyers, while helping to dispel the myth that sustainable products are unfairly more expensive ”.

Above all, this partnership represents a more than encouraging step forward. Sustainable development is becoming a real issue integrated into the business plans of companies. This means profitability and preservation of the environment are no longer mutually exclusive, quite the contrary. Admittedly, the effects of advertising on more eco-responsible companies have proliferated over the years. But everyone knows that any change, no matter how deep, is only made when it pays off. And this partnership is the proof of that. Lets Hope it lasts.

Source Prweb