Let’s take care of our painful hands: 4 ergonomic mice on the test bench

People suffering from pain in the hands and forearms will tell you that prolonged use of the mouse is not natural and can cause many disorders. Like damaging your carpal tunnel. Or mouse syndrome, also called tendinopathy. This MSD (musculoskeletal disorder) is due to the repetition of movements caused by the handling of the keyboard and the mouse.

The solution ? The use of ergonomic mice, designed for the well-being of their users. They allow your hand and wrist to adopt a good position in preventing or relieving hand pain. Today, we are testing 4 of them, just so get an idea of the market. Let’s go.

Sun-Flex Protouch 400305

Taking the form of a mini keyboard (which users place under theirs), the Sun-Flex Protouch 400305 is priced at just over 30 euros. Designed with the aim to avoid unnatural movements on the wrists, it is equipped with multi-point touch technology / tactile keys. Suitable for both right and left handed users, it is also designed for easy cleaning. Made in Sweden, its ergonomics and design place the Sun-Flex Protouch 400305 in the high-end category.

Contour Design Unimouse  

In the Contour Mouse family, I would like the Unimouse. It is a “vertical” mouse that is tilted at 90 °. Unlike conventional mice, it adapts to the natural posture of the arm. And the Contour Design Unimouse is extremely adaptable, the reviews testify. Equipped with 6 buttons and a PMW3330 Pixart optical sensor, it is recommended for people who are fragile or spend long hours in front of the screen. Hence its use in video game tournaments. With its high precision 2800 dpi adjustable, it is placed in the very high end as with a price tag of 130 euros.

Optical Mouse TM137U de CSL

We remain in the vertical mice field but we go down a little bit in range, just to give the broadest possible overview of the market. The CSL TM137U Optical Mouse is equipped with an optical sensor and 5 buttons. The vertical scroll wheel, placed in the center of the mouse, is described as very nice. In summary, it can be said that it looks a lot like the previous model, although it includes fewer options and a less powerful optical sensor. Its design is no less pleasant. But not as much as its very low price. It is sold for less than 20 euros on Amazon.

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ZeleSouris 2.4GHz

This third vertical mouse in our benchmark is sold for around 30 euros. Its originality lies in especially in the vertical grip, thanks in particular to a handle. The precision mechanical rollers function as a dial that does not cause musculoskeletal or carpal tunnel disorder. The buttons placed on the side surface guarantee a more flexible and precise pressure. So ideal for people looking for precision and ergonomics. And who spend long hours using the mouse in front of their screens, of course.

From 20 to 130 euros, this brief listing of ergonomic mice shows a large and firmly established market. No bad surprises, because the models at the lowest prices demonstrate a certain quality, as well as ergonomics. Obviously, less than the near “works of art” of the famous Contour Design brand. But there is always something for everyone!