Microsoft’s ergonomic Bluetooth mouse

Ergonomics has been going through a golden age, we have been telling you! Yet another proof, the largest suppliers of office equipment are starting to integrate it into standard models. Let’s face it, ergonomics are no longer an option. An example ? Microsoft’s ergonomic Bluetooth mouse. Sold at a price of 49 euros, it will undoubtedly satisfy users in search of well-being. Let’s pass this mouse, at an unattractive price but with definite advantages to the test bench. Let’s go.

Long live ergonomic office supplies!

Why an ergonomic mouse? For the well-being of the user, but above all to fight against MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). As a reminder, according to the French Ministry of Labor, the name MSDs includes “a set of diseases located at or around the joints: wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine or knees”. In short, repetitive efforts on ill-adjusted keyboards or mice can cause pain in your joints. Containment has exploded these ailments in people who telecommute. More than 70% of people caring for these disorders in the US have reported an explosion in consultations since March. In any case, this has led to the emergence of an effective (and known) response to MSDs: ergonomic office accessories. So much so that companies like Microsoft are now creating 100% dedicated ranges.

An ergonomic mouse that is pleasant to use …

Microsoft’s Bluetooth mouse stands out with its sober and elegant design. With seamless finishes, it is available in a wide choice of colors. It has two programmable and customizable buttons on the sides. It has an ergonomic design to promote a neutral hand position. Who says neutral says without pressure point, who says without pressure point means no occurrence of MSDs. Microsoft’s ergonomic Bluetooth mouse also features a smooth and durable aluminum scroll wheel. The precise tracking sensor makes navigation easy. The latter and the Teflon base keep navigation easy and sharp on a wide variety of surfaces. Finally, Microsoft’s Bluetooth mouse is equipped with a flexible, easy-to-grip thumb rest for added comfort. It should be noted that from a point of view of comfort of use, it is an essential accessory (even if it may seem … accessory). It helps to avoid any pressure point in the joint area of ​​the thumb (the one going up to the metatarsus). After the wrist, it is one of the parts of the body most affected by MSDs.

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… And the technical characteristics that clash

It’s the least we can say. Microsoft has gone all out. First example, a battery charge lasts up to 15 months! The mouse can also connect to three devices at the same time and allows the user to switch between screens seamlessly. Basically, your tablet and smartphone can become the second and third screens of your PC. The mouse must be connected via Bluetooth. But be careful, it is only compatible with versions 4.0 or later.

The mouse is available on Microsoft’s site for $ 49.99. French sites offer it at 49 euros. Even though there is little visibility into stocks. A significant price but which is to be weighed against the worries posed by the mouse on a daily basis. Do you spend many hours a day in front of your screen? Are you inconvenienced? Or do you just want to treat yourself with something that is both elegant and pleasant to use? It’s for you to see.