When lighting becomes interior design

Usually, when you are interested in the brightness of a room, it is because you are sensitive to questions of interior decoration. Light is used to appreciate the design of a room. But did you know that for some lighting designers, light can and should be part of interior design? A bold idea, yet as old as the world. Wasn’t the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles designed with the idea of fully integrating lighting into the decoration?

Well, it is also possible at home, without transforming your interior into a palace of Louis XIV. Here is a quick overview of the lighting ranges designed and used to form an integral part of the decoration.

The BuzziJet Standing, for optimal space occupancy

The BuzziJet Standing lampshade is the latest acoustic floor lamp from the BuzziSpace brand. Made of acoustic felt (exclusive company patent). An acoustic floor lamp? Yes, because Its wide circular shape manipulates impacts sound waves. So that they bounce back and forth, which ultimately reduces ambient noise. Its design is aerodynamic. It features a curved rod attached to a round flat base, which promotes optimal use of space. The BuzziJet can indeed fit under a workstation or an entire table in a coworking or meeting room. “BuzziJet Standing was designed with the flexibility of today’s contract spaces in mind,” said Steve Symons, Creative Director and CEO of BuzziSpace. The light intensity adjustment function allows you to create different atmospheres, which also makes it ideal lighting for living rooms. These pendant lights have retro cosmic shapes in combination with hypermodern anodized aluminum. The design is absolutely unconventional. It once again sets the tone in high-end lighting design.

Eye in the Sky Lighting Collection, back to the future

Ilfari’s Eye in the Sky collection of lamps and lighting will take you on a journey through space and time. Sporting a retro cosmic look that immediately catches the eye, they will take you to a universe halfway between Star Trek and Clockwork Orange. Vintage cosmic shapes made with ultra-modern materials and technology. For its designer Renee Ploegmakers, the idea was to achieve technical feats and present them in a simplistic design (for the eye). With the result of geometric figures, minimalism and a touch of industrial design in luxurious lighting, part of the decoration. A true work of art that is both sophisticated and functional. “Simplicity is all about removing the obvious and adding meaning” sums up the Dutch designer.

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The Double Rondel Sconce

The Double Rondel Sconce is the latest addition to the Tracy Glover Studio (TGS) lighting collection. Inspired by the original version, the new Double Rondel Sconce additionally features a second washer as well as a fine glass thread that creates an elegant and modern look. It creates a vibrant visual effect while gently diffusing the light with two overlapping glass rings. Available in a variety of hand blown glass colors, patterns and metallic finishes, it is a real darling of interior decorators. “Adding a second layered glass puck gave us a playful visual effect,” says Tracy Glover, founder of the brand.

Interior design can and should play on lighting in order to be successful. We have all experienced it. For example, by sifting a room to make it more intimate, often with the aim of getting closer to someone. In each of us lies a lighting designer …