A sit-stand solution that promises comfort and health to its users.

We keep saying, all prolonged static work postures are harmful. Maintaining a sitting position is even more so. Prolonged, this sedentary behavior generates various effects on health. Effects that can range from musculoskeletal disorders or mental health damage, to cardiovascular pathologies …

For the INRS (French National Institute for Research and Safety), any work situation can be adapted. The aim must be to improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of work. The seat therefore necessarily constitutes work equipment in its own right. It should not be considered in isolation or as an adjustment “variable”. He is part of a whole.

The work posture.

According to the institute, it is essential to provide a layout and organization of work allowing the alternation of different work postures. Prolonged static postures must be broken and employees should be given the opportunity to choose work postures according to the nature, diversity and variability of the tasks they have to perform. The sit-stand position is therefore recommended by a large majority of experts for its many benefits.

The sit-stand posture, which corresponds to a simple “gluteal support” without real sitting, is suitable for situations where it is not possible to adopt a fully seated position or for a situation requiring frequent alternation between sitting and posture. standing. It helps support part of the body’s weight and makes it easier to return to a standing posture. Conversely, it limits the work area but less significantly than the sitting posture. In addition, the prolonged local compression in the posterior part of the thighs can cause circulatory discomfort.

Mobility and ergonomics at work

Much more than a simple seat with footrest, AMUP was born out of a real need for mobility and ergonomics at work. The AMUP sit-stand is a patented model that complies with standards NF EN 16139 and NF EN 1021. It combines the best features to improve the quality of life at work. Indeed, this innovative sit-stand minimizes back pain and lower body pain. All while allowing good venous circulation. The result is an increase in concentration and therefore productivity.

Simple, ergonomic and innovative design.

It adapts to many work situations (office, assembly line, in-store sales, hospitality business, etc.) as well as more user-friendly facilities (fast food restaurants, company canteens, etc.). Thanks to its reversible fixing system, AMUP can be easily installed on many pieces of furniture. Its unique footrest, seat ring and tilt provide a comfortable, stable posture with no risk of tipping. Adjustable to the height of your choice in a jiffy, AMUP will satisfy all its users. It will also be particularly appreciated by the hospitality professions. It offers an upright and dynamic posture for an always professional look. Practical, retractable and easy to use, it unfolds and stores with one hand to clear the passage in seconds. Saving precious time and space!

AMUP, with its travel of less than 50cm, is perfectly suited to small spaces or spaces with a lot of traffic. Its fixed installation offers a secure space in which it is easy to move around in peace, without risk of tripping or theft. Customizable on demand (logo on the roll, colors of the foot, etc.), it takes on the colors of the companies to reinforce the brand identity. Also available soon, a new model of the AMUP seat in a “solo” version, self-supporting with wheels. It has the advantage of being able to move around as the user wishes and does not require any special provision for hooking.

AMUP is looking for manufacturers and distributors. If you are interested or would like more information, please write to contact@amup.fr or visit the website www.amup.fr