The luxury Recaro Aircraft Seating, sit in the place of the older ones

Who has not dreamed of settling in the first class armchairs on a plane trip? Thanks to Recaro Aircraft Seating, economy class users will soon be able to take advantage of it. The company unveiled a luxury seat for Emirates airline’s first premium economy cabin. An invention that aims to democratize in airplanes ergonomic seats that provide great comfort.

The seat is the result of the collaboration between the German firm and the company based in Dubai. A collaboration that began in April 2019. So tomorrow is comfort for everyone on the plane? Zoom in on this collaboration which will bring happiness to economy class users and perhaps that of a sector in crisis.

Know-how resulting from the design of car seats

The seat resulting from this collaboration is called PL3530. Its ergonomic shape has its roots in the design of automotive seats. High quality seats that Recaro has perfected over the past 115 years. The best of “Made in Germany” according to the spokesperson for the brand. According to early adopters, the fusion of engineering and luxury has set new standards for the economy class experience outright.

The PL3530 offers a wider backrest than other seats. It also has side support, a tilting and movable calf rest for a very relaxed position, additional storage compartments and a six-way adjustable headrest. For Emirates, the PL3530 design team has prioritized cutting-edge features. Features it borrowed from premium German cars. She then combined them with the spirit of Dubai. The seat features bronze trim as well as a cream-colored leather cover, with unique stitching. The first deliveries started in the fourth quarter of 2020. The ultimate goal is to equip 250 aircraft in the Emirates fleet.

A partnership that both parties welcome

“I am very honored that we have been selected to equip the Emirates long-haul aircraft with our premium economy seat,” said Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating. He also underlines how enriching the development was for him and his teams. “We decided to build a seat with a premium touch and feel, and it was a great pleasure for the whole Recaro team.” Similar story on the Emirates side. Its president Tim Clark admits that the challenge imposed on Recaro was not the easiest. “It was a pleasure to partner with Recaro on our Premium Economy seats. Emirates specifications are always tailor-made and meet the highest quality standards, and the experienced team at Recaro have done an outstanding job in bringing our requirements to life. “

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The PL3530: a ray of sunshine in the midst of a storm for the aviation sector

This popularization of the comfort and ergonomics that the PL3530 represents seems to be a brightening in a very dark sky for the airlines. COVID has ground many planes to the ground for several months. The biggest companies like Air France KLM or Alitalia owe their survival to state aid. Uncertainty and stricter health regulations leave them in a vulnerable position. It should be noted that this sector is also singled out for its impact on the environment.

Democratizing access to ergonomic seats on airplanes appears to be a positive step for Emirates. And the airline industry in general, which seems to need it badly.