A work seat, regardless of one’s level of responsibility

A work seat, regardless of one’s level of responsibility, is personal and Eurosit, number three of French manufacturers of office chairs, has understood this for over 60 years by making comfortable working seats.

Today, this too generic presentation has been changed to Eurosit seats being adaptable to more than 90% of existing morphologies.

Released in 2013, Sir James, executive chair, offers comfort thanks to its multiple settings (synchronous mechanism, 4D adjustable armrests, adjustment of seat depth, height adjustable backrest) and fabric upholstery with a very elegant color palette.

Sika, seen at Préventica Lyon, is a pure design “soft” seat: these seats can be juxtaposed (corner bench, two or three places seat….) and allow multiple configurations for the amenities of home and meeting places .

(Seen at Preventica Lyon)