Freedesk: The benefits working while standing

The benefits working while standing are significant, both for your productivity and your health. Just by standing 2 hours every workday, one can drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancer, or diabetes.

The Freedesk is big enough to hold your monitor, an oversized laptop, mouse and keyboard and a large cup of coffee, but still small enough to make it a well-integrated piece of furniture at your workspace.

The simplistic design and the color options make it easy for you to match the Freedesk with your preferences, both at home and at your workplace. The table is resting steadily on two solid legs made out of beech, a coated MDF surface and a locking mechanism that is just about as easy as it gets.
Raising and lowering the table is done silently and easily.

The table surface can be locked in 9 different positions making sure it’s available at the level that works best for you.