Linak – Design Meets Movement in creative outdoor solutions

A multifunctional outdoor environment covering 260m² will be one of the more spectacular attractions at the 2016 ORGATEC fair in Cologne in October. Merge ergonomic movement with the most sublime design, and then move it all outdoors.

Design Meets Movement – an entity formed by LINAK and involving leading designers from all over Europe – aims to surprise, inspire and challenge conventional thinking about adjustable furniture by moving interior design… outdoors.

Everything is possible outdoors

At the 2016 ORGATEC, Design Meets Movement will present two very different outdoor environments. Both accentuating creativity and innovation by integrating a Green Living mindset to functional furniture. The baseline is that your personal creative space – whether you are relaxing, reading, working or cooking dinner – might as well be in the garden.
Covering an area of 260m ², the two garden-like setups will merge functionalities of everyday life with aesthetic design. True to the Scandinavian design tradition, the designers demonstrate creative outdoor kitchen facilities, office spaces and living rooms that will break the usual barrier between indoor comfort and outdoor spaces.

Moving is living

Life for the modern human involves furniture that improve ergonomics and generally help increase productivity for the user. Several studies prove the benefits of having adjustable desks at work, while other studies praise the health-promoting qualities of being in green surroundings. Both studies unambiguously point to the fact that productivity and well-being is linked closely to the surroundings.
Adjustability and sustainability are pivotal focal points throughout the exhibit, showing that comfort and ergonomics can indeed follow green solutions into outdoor rooms. The leading Danish electric actuator manufacturer, LINAK, powers the entire exhibit and all involved applications. The entire exhibit – including the applications – is made from sustainable materials wherever possible and only low-power actuators create all movement. Green inside – green outside!

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