Deep Forest and CAPELLA from Kinnarps

Kinnarps, the leading manufacturer of office furniture in Europe, offers office and public space solutions. Sound absorbing wall panel in soundfelt. Filling: recycled textiles. Top fabric Camira Synergy col.LDS08 light grey, LDS16 grey, LDS58 bluegrey, 74 light apricot.

Magnets for mounting on wall is included. An effective sound absorber that is easy to place and has a filling made from recycled textiles. The discreet design is a conscious interpretation of the saying that you can’t see the wood for the trees – it is meant to blend into the background of the room rather than being the headline act. Designer: Nina Jobs SKANDIFORM

Capella has a user-friendly functionality. The new-developed levers are positioned to give easy access to all the adjustments needed to help you sit correctly. All to make the chair easy to adjust to yourself and your needs. This unique and innovative chair. The chair’s FreeMotion provides well-balanced micro-movements in the seat, for active sitting and a healthy mindset. The sleek, timeless shape, with its slimmed back and well-tailored details, is designed by Johan Larsvall and his team at Idesign.