Will & Walt A very beautiful piece

A very beautiful piece marrying “the beautiful work” and good ergonomic practices. An adjustable worktop, inspired by the architects drawing tables.

Arnaud Leleu, a former designer with the Salomon sports equipment manufacturer, is concentrating today with his colleague Igor Manceau on the manufacture of adjustable offices to work standing under the Will & Walt brand. The entrepreneur’s approach is simple: to reconcile wellness and productivity with innovative furniture. The mechanical system is simple, flexible and intuitive: it allows to alternate positions throughout the day. Made from noble materials (solid wood – steel) from France, treated with natural finishing products without solvent, to guarantee a healthy working environment, preserving the health. Reliable stability, smoothly adjustable heights, completely “retracted” handles under and at the edge of the worktop, 2 transverse round bars used according to the need to support or stretch the legs. A technically identical version but for “tight budget” or to adapt a larger number of posts is achieved with a less “noble” coating but which has a beautiful palette of colors. In addition a high seat on a central base, adjustable, with a wooden, wide and fine base ensuring a real stability. The seat is tiltable to 10%, a backrest can be adapted for those who prefer to have lumbar support.