HR digital transformation : Innovate to simplify safety and health at work

To map your work place, identify the risks, and qualify the events related to safety and health of your employees. The digital solutions exists :
the « Prevention and Competence» module for an agile management of all your HR-QHSE data, is available as Valessentia Solution in reference to its experts who acted on the ground for those last 20 years within your companies.

The module manage competence standards and employees skills level. It’s designed to answer legal requirements about painfulness.

You can easily lead your improvement workshops and manage through safety and health indicators in each job type. The solution is tailor-made and fits each of your contexts.
The information is available in a visual format. It is of fast and structured usage.

In all departments of the company, as within HR and QHSE department, our module simplify the daily life of all the persons who are involved in human-factor. Get a glance to this solution on video