Giroflex 151 the “chameleon” seat that fits everywhere!

Whether in a professional or private environment, this seat fits every layout. Created by designer Paolo Francelli, “This is a true chameleon, able to adapt to all environments. The hulls, the armrests, the padding and the legs allow to form living compositions. The Giroflex 151 brings a sitting comfort of and meets the highest quality requirements of Giroflex. The elegant and balanced design is a reflection of this quality. ” The Giroflex 151 seat is GS-certified “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (certified safety). It is “cradle to cradle”, “zero pollution 100% reusable”. The Giroflex 151 integrates with every atmosphere and every décor. It is suitable for home, office, private or public building. It offers a double comfort with its seat and back that dampens the movements. Thanks to its modern design, this seat is timeless and fights against short-term trends. You have the choice between a plastic or beech seat shell. The hull and base are available in graphite, gray and white magnesium colours. The base is offered with a lacquered coating or chrome version. Optional: padding on one side in different qualities of fabrics and colors. It is sublimated by the different materials, including the beech perfect for the dining room or the office concerned with nature.