JOYCEis3 the new Interstuhl chair seen at NeoCon 2018

When it’s important to support focused working processes, JOYCEIS3 puts you in the spotlight.

The flexible swivel chair puts the requirements and preferences of its user at the heart of the matter.

It offers numerous options to create custom combinations of backrest versions, upholstery and colour designs. The new JOYCEis3 FlexGrid provides visibly dynamic back support – and relieves the strain on your body during focused work processes. The FlexGrid can easily be adjusted in height and also in depth.
With the new Softback,JOYCEis3 combines the advantages of a traditional upholstery with those of a mesh cover.The Softback version also comes in nine modern mesh colours, with seats available in the same colours as the backrests to create the perfect match.

Daniel Figueroa, designer ‘s JOYCEis3 said: “The backrest is the most important element of a swivel chair, because it supports the body in any position and contributes to one’s ability to sit comfortably for hours at a time. The backrest also has the largest area of contact with the body, which means the design is essential. The outstanding feature of the JOYCEis3 is its backrest concept: a multilayered construction of bearing frame, flexible cushioning element and spanning membrane

Ergonomics is the primary task in designing a swivel chair. The product should support the user in every sitting position and easily adjust to their needs. A swivel chair is a technically complex tool for sitting. Tools are functionally oriented artefacts, logical constructions. Aesthetics isn’t random – but intelligent, technically functional solutions are often automatically of high aesthetic quality.”