“video” Innovation as a driving force

Ernst & Young Spain turned to BICG for help in setting up a new company experience – Company Experience® as part of its plan to change the headquarters in Madrid.
The idea was to introduce a new dynamic within the organization by carrying out an innovative and participative transformation project.
The management team explains here how the participation of all employees in a global project of new ways of work could generate a new cultural model oriented towards innovation and well-being at work within a functional space designed to meet the practical needs of professionals and their aspirations. Such a model, co-constructed with its publics, is a condition of success to attract new generations as well as older audiences, also concerned by the themes of new ways of work and often worried about related topics such as the flex office.

VIDEO: original version with English subtitles

By integrating appropriate technological tools and transforming organizational processes to optimize them, a real cultural evolution has been promoted. This has been made possible by the participation of all employees. The employees were at the heart of the transformation and were involved in all phases including the analysis of the way we work and the move in the new offices. The employees worked innovatively at every step to allow the company to make significant progress.

Therefore the Company Experience’s strategy has been able to overcome the challenge and meet the attraction capacity of new generations who are always looking for more meaning in their jobs and who are demanding a higher quality of life than their predecessors. The balance between professional and personal life provided by a work model and a culture focusing on flexibility, autonomy, management, with confidence as a priority, was matched with the ability to value these talents and ideas that can be brought along by monitoring and enforcing them when justified by the results.

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The transition has increased the attractiveness for young graduates and the talents of the new generations needed to pursue the company´s development objectives, while highlighting the creative potential and experience of existing talents within the organization. Opportunities for participation in decision-making or for evolution within the company are some of the advances that have contributed to the improvement of the company image among its audiences.

The change of workspaces makes this cultural evolution of the company and the ways of working of employees more tangible by the New ways of working. Optimized, adapted, flexible and functional, the tools, processes and uses associated with the new offices of EY are more suited to this new working model that they have been co-created with the employees. The employees were involved during the whole phase of the project implementation, the transition lived by the company and beyond, becoming in this way a reference in the field.

by Emmanuel Mercier france@bicg.com