LINAK introduces a complete Desk Frame solution for office desks

With the new Desk Frame 1 (DF1) solution, you can have it your way. The complete and highly flexible solution gives you all the elements needed to design and assemble a complete full frame solution for electric adjustable office desks.
It comes in three pre-packed sets, giving you a wealth of mix and match opportunities.
It is all about: Frame. Legs. Feet.
Three sets giving thousands of possibilities


Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of doing business with only one supplier. DF1 allows you to have the different desk parts (i.e. top frame, lifting columns, and feet) packed in sets, making handling your products lighter, easier and more efficient Frame. Easy and innovative assembly
Choose a Kick & Click™ top frame for the desk you would like to build.
It is easy and more time-efficient as no screws are needed. Just kick and click in the lifting columns.
Legs: Add a pre-packed set with lifting columns
Choose your favourite lifting columns as a DL SetPack solution. It includes two lifting columns, a control box and a desk panel plus accessories. This gives you everything you need for your electric system plus uncompromising design freedom as each part comes in different variants.
LINAK introduces the full frame desk solution – Desk Frame 1. It gives manufacturers of office desks all the necessary elements to design their own electric adjustable desk. Delivered in three pre-packed sets, Desk Frame 1 provides an easy shortcut to a worldwide growing market of sit-stand desks.