Soften the postures of standing work!

To soften the postures of shift work, standing in laboratories, in certain technical occupations, and for office work.
All activities that require prolonged standing posture “hurt” our body and increase the difficulty of this activity. But can we fix it?

Now, this tiring position can be softened by using a new product created by AERIS: the “aeris Muvmat “. It is an active floor mat that can revitalize and relieve the body. Standing on this mat, you feel like being on firm and soft ground, just like on a path in the forest. You can stay active while being relaxed, in shoes or bare feet, only high heels are not allowed. The cover of this mat is water-resistant and easy to clean. It has a removable, washable protective cover.

Aeris is looking for new business partners:” we offer attractive conditions and excellent marketing support!”

Source Aeris